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The Importance of having Daily Non-negotiables

With so much of life being out of our control, it is nice to have a few simple things that we feel we have a say in. Having a list of daily non-negotiables is one of the best ways to take charge of your life through your day-to-day habits.

“What is a daily non-negotiable?” you ask. This may seem obvious, but a daily non-negotiable is simply something you are not willing to negotiate. It is a boundary, habit, routine, or activity that you are committed to – no matter what. These are individualised depending on your own personal values, goals, lifestyle, beliefs, and morals. In this post, I share with your my daily non-negotiables and inspiration on how you can create your own non-negotiable habits for a successful and happy life.

These are my Daily Non-Negotiables:


  • A good night’s sleep ➡️ SLEEP SCORE (I check this on my Fitbit)
  • MORNING RITUAL: Intention setting, tea & meditation
  • MOVEMENT: Gym & walk
  • Well-dressed
  • NUTRITION: Eat Nourishing meals, hydrate & take my supplements
  • Work on my PERSONAL GROWTH: Read / Podcast / Course
  • EVENING RITUAL: End-of-day reflection, tea, meditation, body care
  • JOURNALING: Thought, musings, aha-moments, mindless wanderings (AKA brain dump)

If you don’t have one already, make your own list of daily non-negotiables and try to stick to them – PRIORITISE YOUR OWN NEEDS FIRST. Below are some examples to get you started:


  • Water and Lemon upon waking
  • 3 healthy & nourishing main meals and snacks
  • Take a vitamin and mineral supplement




  • Go to bed before 11 pm
  • Sit for 10 minutes doing absolutely nothing
  • Practise your evening routine
  • Take at least one day off training per week
  • Avoid blue light after 8 pm
  • Avoid caffeine after midday


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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