I am passionate about helping women curate their lifestyles to be aligned with who they want to be, what they love, the quality of life they desire, and the goals they want to achieve.

I do this by focusing on the core 5 Life Areas:

  • Health and overall Well-being
  • Personality, Character & Self-discovery
  • Relationships & Connections
  • Career / Business & Finances
  • Quality of Life (aka Lifestyle)

I believe that by focusing on these 5 core life areas, you can create a life that is truly aligned with what you want.

I am a certified and Award-Winning Lifestyle Coach, a Vegetarian & Vegan Nutritionist, a Yoga Instructor, a Podcast Host, a Master NLP Practitioner and an Author.

I have transformed my own life from feeling overwhelmed, lost, disconnected, cluttered, confused and fed-up with living to a curated life filled with purpose, contentment, gratitude and joy.

I want to help you do the same.

Are you ready for more excitement, clarity & momentum in your life?


  • you’re ready to fully commit to yourself and show up for your dreams
  • you care deeply about others and the world around you
  • you’re tired of people-pleasing and living up to other’s expectations
  • you’ve had enough of overthinking, perfectionism and procrastination and you know it’s time to take that leap of faith forward
  • you have those big ideas and dreams inside and can’t hold them back any longer
  • your intuition is screaming at you to finally do THAT THING and you can’t ignore it any longer
  • you know that there is more for you and you’re ready to let it all in
  • you crave more authenticity in your work, your relationships, your life
  • you want to welcome fun, flow, passion, excitement and creativity back into your life
  • you’re ready to own your worth, build unwavering self-trust and walk taller

Let’s figure out where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow! Whether you’re craving a more meaningful life, seeking accountability, or looking to experience transformation, there is a coaching option that’s perfect for you.

KS - The Lifestyle Check-in
The Lifestyle Cleanse
The Lifestyle Rejuvenation

It’s time to invest, focus and spend your energy on what really matters – YOU. The moment you are aligned with who you are, and your purpose, and release the expectations of others, you have accepted transformation into your soul.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

Together, we can create a life that is truly meaningful.