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The importance of Gratitude

Put your mind in a place of abundance. Focus on the things you already have and the choices you’re free to make. Try to spend 15–20 minutes each day for three days in a row just writing down what you hope your life will be like three years from now. Be as specific and detailed as possible, so you can see, feel and hear what this new reality will be like. Notice which ideas you keep coming back to once you’ve completed this exercise.

“Happiness begins with being exactly where you are and who you are, with what you have, and knowing it is perfectly enough to make a masterpiece.”

One of the gifts of 2020 was the gift of time. Time to reflect, time to think, time for quiet, time to make peace, time to remember who we each are, time to create, time to smooth rough edges and time to recalibrate for the future, without the constant busyness and barrage of outside distractions that we’re so used to. It was also a gift just to remember that all valuable things need our time and our attention, including ourselves.

Yearly Gratitude Journal
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“True Wealth is Health coupled with Freedom. Build your lifestyle around those two goals.”

I know it’s counterintuitive, but gratitude, and loving what one has, rather than the hustle culture of chasing more, is the path to both happiness and to greater success.

Take a quiet moment to reflect on the times in your life when you were genuine, heart-expanding happy. Make a list, write as much detail as you can about them, and refer to them often. Use them as your life raft when need is, but don’t wait for the sad times to look back on them…let happy build on happy, on happy, on happy. Make yourself a shield, a fortress and a kingdom out of it, for the world can be hard.

14 Days of Gratitude
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