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Goal Setting Rules

The best way to make any changes to your lifestyle is by taking small steps. Be it getting more exercise, changing your diet or altering the amount of time your family spends together, it’s always going to be easier to do it in stages. Here are eight rules of goal planning to help you focus on achieving your innermost aspirations.

Rule 1. Set a goal you truly want to achieve

  • Is your goal exciting?
  • Are you up for the challenge?
  • Will it make positive changes to your life?
  • How long have you wanted to do this?
  • Are you ready and raring to go?

Rule 2. Ensure your goals are real, tangible and likely to be achieved

  • Does your goal require funding – do you have the available cash?
  • Can your goal be achieved alongside your day-to-day responsibilities?
  • Check your goal is challenging but realistically achievable: will it keep you motivated to succeed?
  • Don’t be inhibited: exciting, life-changing goals can be achieved with persistence, dedication and effective goal planning.

Rule 3. Write down a goal plan of action

  • Writing it down increases your commitment
  • Post copies of your goal around the house so you are inspired by it every day
  • Documenting why your goal is so important to you

Rule 4. Break it down

Rule 5. Picture the scene

  • Imagine how it will feel to realise your goal
  • Remember this feeling and refer back to it on a regular basis

Rule 6. Go For It!

  • Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from accomplishing your goal!
  • Overcome any negative thoughts and keep the end result in mind
  • Congratulate yourself for taking this step towards success, happiness and fulfilment!

Rule 7. Remember the basics

  • If doubts creep in, refer back to rules 1-6 to kick-start your desire to achieve your goal!
  • Remind yourself of the benefits of achieving your goal
  • Review what you have achieved so far to keep you motivated

Rule 8. Celebrate!

Now, Next, Future Goals
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