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How to do a Life cleanse when entering a new Season

During transitions between any season, it is an ideal time to sit back and reflect on what may be out of balance in our lives, then take steps to restore that balance. A new season can be the perfect time to detox your mind, re-energise your routine and mindset, and assess what in your life is working – and what isn’t. With a little guidance, you can make your routines more efficient and energising, and let go of any habits, beliefs, or parts of your life that are no longer serving you – to make space for what is new and fresh.

“As the seasons change, so do we. May we be aware we are shifting – just like the wind”


  • Research local seasonal vegetables & fruits
  • Ease into seasonal sleep patterns & daylight shifts
  • Cook a beautiful plant-based meal
  • Embrace seasonal activities for natural movement
  • Practice deep breathing when rising and before sleep
  • Do a full body check-in and notice where tension is being held. Release.


  • Journal regularly and create seasonal affirmations
  • Do a social media cleanse – unfollow & mute
  • Create a seasonal playlist
  • Write a seasonal bucket list of activities to bring joy
  • Using sensory details, list your top 10 favourite aspects of the current season
  • Make a seasonal book list and borrow it from the local library
  • Speak to yourself with kindness


  • Deep clean your living space to release stagnant energy
  • Declutter and release unused objects with gratitude
  • Bring natural seasonal scents into living spaces
  • Organise for clarity & calm. (Closets, drawers, etc.)
  • Take note of where and when natural seasonal light enters your space
  • Store away any past seasonal decor in a beautiful and organised manner


  • Check in with yourself often through seasonal shifts
  • Celebrate daily wins
  • Honour the need for rest, affirmation, softness and play
  • Plan times to connect with your community in real life away from a screen
  • Write a letter to yourself ten years ago. Next, write another to yourself ten years from now
  • Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  • Leave a post-it with encouragement on a park bench.


  • This season, I want to feel…
  • This season, I am actively manifesting…
  • Things, ideas, and stories I’m ready to put down this season include…
  • What do I need to pick up or shift this season to be my most honest self?
  • What desires are arising in me in this current season of life?
  • What do I want to make more time for? What daily shifts might I hate to make to create this time?
  • What part of your stories within you an asking to be seen and known during this season?
  • Where do I fully trust myself in this season of life? Where am I doubting myself?
  • What narratives that I tell myself am I ready to rewrite this season?


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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