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How to Perfect Your Cleaning and Organising Skills

Taking care of a whole household is a task we never underestimated. We know how time-consuming and sometimes very tiring cleaning procedures may be, but there are simple ways to improve your techniques and the results of your cleaning activities. The key to having a perfectly cleaned and good-looking home is no other but organisation.

The problem that might occur is if you are not an organised person, but we’ve put some thought into this and we’ve designed this article to help you with the organisation of your thoughts and tasks. At the end of it, you will have the knowledge, needed to improve your cleaning skills and do a makeover to your home!

How to Perfect Your Cleaning and Organising Skills

The basics

A well-organised plan always starts with ordering the tasks you need to do. What would you be cleaning and how? Where will you find the equipment needed. How will you clean specific items and interior parts? Will you reorganise the way your items are stored and how? Will you need any help? Answering these questions will put you one step closer to improving your skills and bettering the condition of your home.

Cleaning plan

There are various home cleaning activities, beginning from cleaning kitchen appliances and vacuuming carpets, to changing bed sheets and deep cleaning a whole bathroom. Of course, regular deep cleaning can be done easier. Instead of waiting three months to pass, before you clean anything, implement a schedule, or a checklist, to remind you of your tasks. According to your preferences, your family’s needs and your view of cleaning routines, you can easily make a schedule with cleaning tasks and put it somewhere visible.

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If you want to have an easy time while cleaning, then your home cleaning routines must be organised in a good manner. According to each member of your family and your preferences, the cleaning activities can be divided into daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 to 4 months and once a year. In each category, a certain type of cleaning procedure falls and should be performed accordingly. For example, daily activities include making beds, washing dishes, taking care of laundry, etc. Then, every week, you should pay attention to vacuuming the carpets, taking care of garbage, cleaning refrigerator shelves and checking for expired food, cleaning shoes, etc. Every month, you should clean kitchen appliances, thoroughly clean the bathroom, sanitise kitchen and bathroom surfaces, deep clean floors and others. Carpet and upholstery cleaning is more of an annual cleaning activity while washing curtains and cleaning walls and ceilings can be done more than once a year. It is preferable you make your own list, as you might not have a dishwasher, or have more than two bedrooms, which makes your cleaning routines very individual. Evaluate the needs and put the right routines on the right days and you will have one very organised beginning of a clean and healthy home.

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The equipment you will need to perform the fast tenancy cleaning activities is exceptionally important to the performance. Whether you prefer green cleaning products or easily-found-on-the-market ones, you should have an extra, in case you run out of any product. Store them somewhere easily accessible if you want to be more fast and efficient when a cleaning situation occurs unexpectedly. Other than cleaning products, you will need scrubbing tools and wiping ones. Old cotton T-shirts and microfiber cloths are great wiping tools and toothbrushes are the perfect tool for scrubbing hard-to-clean surfaces.

Clutter and scatter

While you can visualise probably the same thing for both clutter and scatter, they have a slight difference in their meaning. Scatter is every object and item, temporarily misplaced, while clutter is more like piled-up items, left on the same spot for days, weeks and even months. Include the task to take care of both types of messes, for not more than 10 minutes every day. Entering one room, look around and see if something is misplaced, then if such items occur, return them where they belong. Clutter is better to be avoided than having to deal with it later. Piled up magazines, newspapers, mail, etc. should be taken care of right away unless you store them somewhere on purpose. There should not be piles of these on the coffee table or on the kitchen counters, and you should always have this on your mind.

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Organising skills

When you regularly do your respective cleaning routines, you will have more spare time and every now and then – more time to organise. You have probably organised completely your home by now, but in case you didn’t, or you want to change something – we have a few tips on how to improve your organising skills.

  • Everything should have a “home”. The book, laying on your nightstand, you finished last week, should be returned to the shelf with all the other books. The dry laundry should be taken care of right away if you want to avoid a cluttered sofa. Dirty dishes, should be washed every evening, or early in the morning, however, you prefer.
  • When cleaning kitchen cabinets, drawers, closets (which should be done approximately twice a year, according to your needs) you should first take every item out, clean it (if it is an item of clothing or a beauty item – evaluate it and decide whether you need it or not anymore), then clean the place for storage and finally organise its content. You shouldn’t forget cleaning the outside parts of these interior pieces, as they accumulate dust as well.
  • Organising a closet for one is fairly hard, but for more people, it is even harder. That is why you need to simply divide the clothes according to the seasons where you live. If you have four seasons, when summer, keep the winter clothes stored under your bed, or anywhere else, to make more room for your summer clothes and vice versa.
  • Last, but not least, do what you feel is right. Don’t listen to other people’s preferences when organising your home interior. They might prefer having their books on a shelf over the fireplace, but you might think it’s better to put them in order on shelves in your bedroom. Whatever you want to do – find a way to do it!
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