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6 things to do at the end of the week to ensure a stress-free weekend

  • Do your less-than-fun chores on Thursday evening or Friday morning so you head into the weekend feeling unburdened
  • Before you quit work for the week, make a to-do list for Monday morning so you don’t have to think about it until then
  • Change out of your version of – work clothes – and into your weekend attire as soon as humanly possible
  • Set calendar reminders for any important tasks you don’t want to forget, especially if they aren’t work-related
  • Check-in with any friends or family you may have been too busy to respond to during the work week
  • Make “plans” for at least one activity you know you’ll look forward to (even if it’s catching up on new episodes of Selling Sunset)
How to have a Soulful Weekend
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