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Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is an ancient concept that the year is a recurring cycle, like a wheel. The year is comprised of four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. There are also a series of holidays that mark the turning of the seasons. These holidays are often aligned with the sun and moon.

Winter is for resting, nourishing, introspection. It’s short, dark days spent around the fire, focused inwards on home, family, self.

Wheel of the Year

  • Winter: cold, dark, short days. Inner-focus. A time for nesting, resting, nourishing, restoring, gathering with friends around the fire, preparing yourself for the new year ahead.

Spring is the season of renewal, fresh starts, planting seeds, making space for potential.

Wheel of the Year

  • Spring: warmer, longer days. Planting seeds. Sprouts. Rebirth. Clearing space. Growth! This is the time to set intentions, start new projects, reach out and make new connections.

Summer is the time of peak energy. Bright, hot sun, longer days, growth, creativity, joy, pleasure.

Wheel of the Year

  • Summer: hot, sunshine, long days. Action and activity. Peak growth. Play, joy, creativity. This is the time to be out in the world, meeting people, producing, creating, making it happen!

Autumn is about harvesting, feasting and preserving. Choosing what to keep and what to release.

Wheel of the Year

  • Autumn: cooler, shorter days. A time to harvest all the goodness you created this year. Feast and celebrate your wins. Prune back to what no longer serves you and let it go. Put aside and prepare for winter.

Learning more about the wheel of the year and living in sync with the seasons will not only help you feel more in-tune with nature, but it will also give you rituals to use year-round to connect with yourself and Mother Earth.

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Here’s a rundown of some of the ways you can enjoy the wheel of the year:

  • Attend a local celebration or create your own for some or all festivals
  • Conduct a ritual for each seasonal festival or the ones that speak to you the most
  • Add decor and scents to your house based on the wheel of the year – I decorate my home according to the seasons, you can see it all here
  • Cook with seasonal produce & foods
  • Do some seasonal crafts – I love the video below by Jordan Clark


Whether the Wheel of the Year is a new concept for you or just a refresher, I encourage you to step onto it today. Just in a little way, connect with the season in your area. What’s happening today, right in front of you? Just be present and notice.

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