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3 rules that help anyone feel more put-together

Although being an ‘adult’ looks different for everyone, feeling like you’ve got your s**t together is something we can all benefit from. And sometimes, the key is weaving small realistic “housekeeping” tasks into your day-to-day self-care routine. 

  • Keep a running list of your work (and life!) accomplishments, both large and small. This way, you have a consistent log of the value you’ve provided, and a great resource if you’re ever in the job interview process.
  • Invest in things that help maintain your wardrobe – tailoring, a sweater shaver, re-soled shoes, a proper iron and steamer. Clothes that fit well and are clearly cared for are a confidence game-changer.
  • Pick one food item to regularly prep. This could be your snacks for the week, breakfasts, or even pre-portioned fruit for smoothies. Nothing screams “grown-up” more than a grab-and-go moment.
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