9 Activities to Boost Your Happiness!

Kiran Singh

Happiness experts are saying that buying luxury goods tends to create one-upmanship behaviour and that wealth may actually interfere with people’s ability to enjoy positive emotions that come from life’s small pleasures, like eating a chocolate bar. On the flip side, investing in an event-related activity like travel or cooking classes is less likely to incite competitive behaviour with others and therefore lead to more feelings of happiness.

Activities to boost your happiness

Here are 9 activities I’ve uncovered:

  1. Climb a mountain, go on a hike, take a walk.
  2. Make new friends, build lasting relationships.
  3. Pamper yourself with innovative spa treatments.
  4. Enjoy guilt-free fine dining in a paradise setting.
  5. Get in the flow of your life: Do something new, challenging and fun.
  6. Breathe in the salty air, listen to wave sounds, feel the sand between your toes.
  7. Experience girls’ night out on steroids: The Trip of a Lifetime.
  8. Get inspired and follow in the footsteps of successful celebpreneurs.
    Learn how these women, just like you, are making it happen!
  9. Learn how to get a book published and take the first steps; learn to surf (if you want); learn to master social media without wasting time; uncover your personal brand essence and learn why integrating it with your dream is faster, more fun path to success.


Remind yourself that self-care is not indulgent. Instead, it’s a necessity. In order to achieve happiness and success in other areas, you need to move your own mental, physical, and emotional health to the top of your priority list.

Take inventory of what you’ve done for YOU lately and what you have scheduled in. If you find that you’ve put yourself on the back burner, it’s time to:

✓ Schedule something for YOU.

Block the time to make it happen.

✓ Follow through with it.

Get yourself there. Turn off distractions.

✓ Notice how you feel during and after.

Inspire yourself do it again – and again.

✓ Repeat!

Get out your journal and mark down what’s next

How to create a Journaling Practice
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