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The best decisions I ever made thanks to Minimalism

My minimalist journey started over three years ago now, and as I have been reflecting on my journey recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my past self as a result. Reconnecting with who I was back when I set out to create a simpler more intentional life for myself has been an eye-opening experience.

I had no idea what this new life I wanted for myself even looked like, only a strong desire and a longing to live a slow, simple & intentional life. Fast forward to now and I’m a completely different person because of the path I’ve chosen and the decisions I made. Today I wanted to share the three best decisions I ever made thanks to choosing a simpler & slower lifestyle.

These are the decisions that are still benefitting me today and the ones I’m most grateful I made. They guided me to make more space & time for things that matter the most to me in whatever season of life I am in.

Simplifying my finances

I still can’t believe I did a 360° on my finance all thanks to taking a more minimalist approach to money. Getting to the bottom of what was fuelling my spending habits and then taking steps to alter them truly changed my life. Shopping became a completely different experience as the focus shifted from wants to needs and things that added value to my life in some way.

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Creating my capsule wardrobe, jewellery, make-up and skincare collection

Learning how to dress for the body I’ve got, what my personal style even is and how to create a slower more sustainable wardrobe serves me every single morning when it comes to getting dressed – even in loungewear. I used to think I had to be fashionable to feel stylish but now I know that true style transcends all fashion and time. A good quality capsule wardrobe has saved me so much time, space and money that I’ve been able to spend on other things instead of being trapped on the consumerism hamster wheel. The same goes for my make-up, skincare & jewellery – they’re all CAPSULE.

Decluttering & Simplifying my overall life

I was brought up believing that the more I had, the happier I’d be – this radically changed in mid-2019 when I embarked on my Minimalism Journey. Learning how to declutter properly showed me how important it is to surround ourselves with the right things and what a positive impact this can have on our physical and mental well-being. I never realised how much dead weight I’d been suffocating my home (and life) with until I got rid of everything I didn’t want to clean, insure, store or maintain – which was about 70% of my overall belongings. Decluttering is a skill for life we can’t unlearn. I wish they taught it in schools.

About 80% of what I now own, are the things I LOVE, USE & that ADDS VALUE to my daily life.

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