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21 Ways to Live a Slow, Simple & Intentional Life

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to find time for the things that really matter. We often find ourselves rushing from one task to another, trying to keep up with the demands of modern life. However, there is an alternative way of living that is gaining popularity – slow, simple, and intentional living. Here are 21 ways to incorporate these principles into your life.

  1. Start your day with intention. Take a few minutes in the morning to set your intentions for the day. What do you want to accomplish? What are your priorities? CHECK OUT: Journal prompts to find the perfect intention
  2. Practice mindfulness. Being present in the moment can help you slow down and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. CHECK OUT: Daily Meaningful Mindfulness Routine
  3. Simplify your schedule. Reduce the number of commitments on your calendar to make more time for the things that matter. CHECK OUT: Simplifying Your Schedule
  4. Take breaks. Allow yourself time to rest and recharge throughout the day. CHECK OUT: The importance of taking a Healthy Break
  5. Declutter your space. Get rid of things you no longer need or use to create a more peaceful environment. CHECK OUT: 4 powerful questions to ask while decluttering
  6. Prioritise relationships. Focus on building meaningful connections with the people in your life.
  7. Learn to say no. Don’t overcommit yourself, and don’t be afraid to say no when you need to. CHECK OUT: Learn to say ‘Enough’
  8. Embrace slow cooking. Take time to prepare meals from scratch, and enjoy the process of cooking and eating. CHECK OUT: Master the Art of Soulful Cooking
  9. Limit screen time. Disconnect from technology and spend more time engaged in activities that nourish your mind and soul. CHECK OUT: Disconnect to Reconnect
  10. Cultivate gratitude. Practice gratitude daily by reflecting on the things you are thankful for. CHECK OUT: 14 Days of Gratitude
  11. Engage in creative activities. Pursue hobbies and interests that bring you joy and help you express your creativity. CHECK OUT: Let’s Get Creative!
  12. Simplify your wardrobe. Invest in a few high-quality, versatile pieces that you love and wear often. CHECK OUT: Cultivating a Capsule Wardrobe & A minimalist year-round capsule Wardrobe
  13. Focus on quality over quantity. Choose experiences and possessions that are meaningful and add value to your life.
  14. Practice self-care. Prioritise your physical, mental, and emotional health by taking care of yourself. CHECK OUT: 30-Day Self-Care Challenge
  15. Get outside. Spend time in nature and enjoy the beauty of the natural world.
  16. Slow down your commute. Consider walking, biking, or taking public transportation instead of driving. CHECK OUT: The Importance of Walking Meditation
  17. Practice minimalism. Live with less and focus on what truly matters. CHECK OUT: How to begin with Minimalism, Things I’ve learned through a Year of Minimalism & The best decisions I ever made thanks to Minimalism
  18. Take time to reflect. Journal, meditate or simply spend time in quiet contemplation to connect with your inner self. CHECK OUT: 17 Daily Self-Reflection Journal Prompts
  19. Create a morning routine. Start your day with a few simple rituals that help you feel centred and grounded. CHECK OUT: The Importance of a Morning Ritual & Level up Your Morning Routine
  20. Be mindful of your consumption. Consider the impact of your purchases on the environment and on your well-being.
  21. Practice generosity. Give back to others in ways that align with your values and bring you joy.

In conclusion, living a slow, simple, and intentional life is a way to focus on what truly matters and find greater happiness and fulfilment. By incorporating these 21 principles into your life, you can create a more meaningful and satisfying existence.


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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