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How to begin with Minimalism

We live in a world where it’s easier than ever to accumulate stuff, and most of us have done a great job of collecting a lot of it – myself included – in the past.

Whether its clothes, books, knick-knacks, make-up, toys for your kids, or whatever your assortment of choice may consist of, many people tend to live highly cluttered lives, often without even realising it.

Minimalism is an increasingly popular lifestyle geared toward the simplification of our everyday lives, and its implications can be as broad or as specific as you prefer.

“Minimalism, rightsizing, slow fashion and design, and quality over quantity, overcome so many challenges. It’s kind to our planet, our wallets and to humankind. It also cures a good deal of job stress, and emotional distress and frees up time to enjoy life, travel, spend time with loved ones, volunteer and care for our own health and fitness.”

At its core, minimalism is about getting rid of the things that don’t contribute value to your life, and that can mean anything from reducing your shoe collection from 100 pairs down to 20, to cancelling digital subscriptions with the goal of decluttering your inbox.

Whatever your current situation is, take a few moments to reflect on these questions:

  • What benefits could minimalism bring to your life?
  • What areas of your life currently feel cluttered or stressful?
  • What does your ideal finished product look like?
  • When would you like to start simplifying your life, and how long will it take to reach your finished state?
  • Who else will participate in this process with you?

“Minimalism isn’t a focus on what we choose to let go of, but, instead, a focus on what we choose to keep. In all things, quality over quantity, and meaning over more.”

The Art of Simple Living
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