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Master the Art of Soulful Cooking

It’s 6 PM and you’re standing in the kitchen. Your brain is still racing from the hectic workday and your stomach is rumbling. Before you reach for the take-out menu or the microwave, take a minute to be more mindful about how you nourish your body.

Master the Art of Soulful Cooking

Cooking and Eating on Autopilot

We’re all guilty of occasionally viewing meals as something that interrupts our day. You rush from work to the supermarket, then make dinner in between answering e-mails and checking your agenda for the following day. Then, when it’s time to eat, it’s tempting to dine with your smartphone close by to catch up on social media or to finish up things you couldn’t get done at work earlier.

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Cook with Soul instead

The essence of cooking soulfully is slowing down and taking the time to prepare a delicious and healthy meal. One that will keep your systems running yet still sate and delight you. This is best done by choosing local, seasonal ingredients that are filled with nutrients – like lots of vegetables and/or lean proteins. Take the time to develop cooking skills and learn from your kitchen successes and mishaps – it’s a process.


Weekly Meal Planner

Meditate while Working Your Kitchen Magic

We are all very aware of the benefits of meditation and as you may know by now; you can meditate anywhere, including the kitchen. All meditation means, essentially, is to shut out distractions and live in the moment, and cooking is a great way to do this. Let the day’s hectic activities slowly fade from your memory and simply be present.

Creating your own Meditation Practice at Home
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Elevate a Daily Chore to a Soulful Ritual

Cooking shouldn’t just be something you do every day to keep you from fainting from hunger. In fact, it can be a treat for all the senses. Rather than going through the motions on autopilot and hurrying towards the end result, take a minute to experience the sights, smells and textures involved in meal preparation. Doesn’t the garlic and onion smell heavenly when it hits the warm olive oil? Listen to that sizzle when you turn the chicken breast over in the pan. Being mindful of these small moments of pleasure adds so much to your daily routine, and is a big part of the soulful kitchen.

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