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Creating an Authentic Home

What does an authentic home mean to you? What makes a house a home? Our homes are the reflection of the thoughts, actions, and choices of the people who live in them. Home is where we are free to design however we want or need.

And taste plays a huge part in how we style and design our living spaces. It is subjective and ever-changing, but it is undeniably influenced by the people around us and by the media. So how do we create a home that we love and that feels authentic to us and our family?

My home is my sanctuary, my innermost intimate world where I can be myself at ease. It’s where I can watch trashy tv shows guilt-free under my favourite pink fluffy blanket, dance around my kitchen like nobody is watching or curl up and cry in a corner to let it all out. In a world that can feel like a scary place, home is where I like to retreat.

“Mind. Body. Spirit. Home. It’s all connected.”

~ KS

Creating a beautiful home that acts as a foundation for the kind of lives we want to live doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Functional and intentional design is usually more about taking things away, simplifying and organising rather than adding lots of new things in. Yes, time, effort and money are required, but it’s worth it. Our homes are a reflection of our worth and our self-respect. That doesn’t mean the bigger and flashier the better but it’s time to stop depriving ourselves of the healthy environment we need and deserve to flourish.

“Your Home is your opportunity to showcase not only where you’ve been in your life, but also who you are now and, most importantly, who you hope to become.”

~ KS

How to Create an Authentic Home

  • Shape your home based on your family’s lifestyle & needs
  • Make your home decorating a journey of your family’s life
  • Don’t be pressured to keep up with the design trends
  • Embrace the changes & improvements as your family grows
  • Style & design your home based on your values
  • Find ways you can personalise your home
  • Adorn your home with what your family loves & wants to live with every day
  • Create a sanctuary. not a showplace
  • Let go of those that don’t bring you joy
A Soulful Home
Creating a Soulful Home
Creating a Soulful Home

What does home mean to you? Is it your sanctuary like mine is or maybe your favourite party venue? The place where your family can enjoy time together? Whatever home means to you, I’d love to know.


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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