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Things I’ve learned through a Year of Minimalism

As I near my 4th anniversary of minimalism, I’ve been reflecting on how much has changed. I find myself walking through my downsized home with pride over the sanctuary I’ve created after parting ways with an abundance of excessive stuff. Now, the majority of the things I own are the things I LOVE, USE and that ADDS VALUE to my day-to-day life, however, if I were to be realistic, I could still probably part ways with about 40% of my current overall belongings.

Minimalism has given me the gift of perspective: How little I actually NEED & USE to live a meaningful life.

Here are some of my self-reflections after a year of minimalism:

  • I LOVE living a Slow & Simple Life
  • As I am currently living on my own, there’s no mess
  • I’m aware of my own needs
  • I put aside more money for my savings
  • By letting go of sentimental stuff, I felt a freedom I haven’t felt before
  • I have more time on doing things that matters the most
  • I am more content
  • I’m more confident
  • I enjoy the small moments that make up my life
  • I can focus on cooking nourishing & nutritious meals 2-3 times a day (YES, I LOVE COOKING)
  • My physical needs are way few
  • Validating NEEDS vs WANTS takes practice but is a game changer
  • I pursue more purposeful ideas and dreams
  • I’m at peace with this stage of life; driven by self-love
  • I worry less
  • I compare less
  • I buy less
  • I’m brave
  • I’m intuitive
  • I’m authentic
  • I’m decisive
  • Self-care is essential
  • This is not a rehearsal; this is my one and only life
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I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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