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4 powerful questions to ask while decluttering

How does this add value to my life?

When I’m decluttering, I like to start with a clear vision of what I want to achieve. What will this space look like when I’m finished? What will I be doing in this space? And how do I want to feel when I’m there?
I keep this vision in mind while making decluttering decisions, and whenever I get stuck, I ask myself: “How does this item add value to my life? Does it support my vision? Or is it detracting from it?”

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What’s the tradeoff and is it worth it?

A hard truth that I learned early on my minimalist journey is that everything in life comes with tradeoffs. Whether you realise it or not, you’re giving up time, money, and energy in exchange for the stuff in your home.

By acknowledging these tradeoffs, we can make better-informed decisions about our clutter. With all the costs clearly laid out, it becomes easier to see what’s worth keeping.

4 powerful questions to ask while decluttering

How much do I need to be happy?

For many people, the greatest challenge to minimalist living is knowing how much is enough. If you can’t confidently answer this question, you’ll spend your entire life chasing more, never feeling happy with what you already have.
The good news is there’s a simple way to tackle this feeling of “never enoughness” – by setting clear boundaries. Decide how much is enough, and then let go of the rest.

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Why am I struggling to let go?

If you’re struggling to declutter your home, my best advice is to take a break for self-reflection. I know – this isn’t “typical” decluttering advice – but in my experience, the clutter in our homes often mirrors the clutter in our minds.
You might find that you need to let go of old thoughts and beliefs before you can declutter your home and life. It’s not easy to do but at the same time, it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with your true self.

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