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Now, Next, Future Goals

“Through the landscape of life, we fill our basket with choices, images of how, what, when and every multitude of desire. it’s astounding to realise how many visions, hopes and goals we set out for ourselves in a lifetime.”

No matter your current situation, it is important to have goals to look forward to once we get back to normal. I know ‘normal’ will probably look quite different in the future, but it is still our lives we are getting back to and it is good to have direction.

“Your future is no accident. You are building it today, with every thought, every word, every action.”

Now, Next, Future Goals

I love the ‘Now, Next, Future‘ goal idea, and have done this for myself many times. You can probably guess from the title that there are three sections to consider:


Things you want to achieve right now. Basically, things you are working on… ‘now’ (if you want to clarify it for when things aren’t so topsy-turvy.) For me, I have decided that it’s the lockdown period.

“Looking towards the future is a wonderful and energising ideal, but it’s important to remember to live in the now. Practicing daily habits of wellbeing today, in all areas of one’s life, is the way to enjoy the present, whilst also building a fantastic future.”

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The next things on your list. They aren’t far away, but you are not currently working on them. Once you have finished with your ‘Now’ goals, you can enjoy moving onto your ‘Next’ goals. (Don’t you love my ‘so basic they’re ridiculous’ descriptions?)

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Your happy pipe dreams. The things that will make the sun come out, and that you think you could achieve under perfect conditions. Your ‘Future’ goals will give you the motivation to keep ongoing. Your goals may change over time, too.

“The only question we need to ask ourselves at the end of each day is whether we’ve done the things today that will create the future we want. Let tomorrow take care of itself.”

Many of my goals are writing-based at the moment, whereas a month or two ago they were mostly to do with the home. For me, it is exciting that I can follow where my energy is strongest and work on those goals. ‘Work’ isn’t the best word to use actually, because when you follow the path that is the most appealing, you more effortlessly achieve your goals and it is not difficult at all. I actually get really excited when I think about my goals. It’s like the whole world is available to you; it’s a heady thought!

For my ‘Now’ goals I am focusing on my health and overall well-being; I go for long walks daily while listening to audiobooks, I’ve started a yoga practice, I journal every day plus I work on my personal growth.  When my home was the main focus before this, I had been organising and decluttering goals to inspire me.

Have you used this goal format before? It’s quite fun and motivating. Find a journal or piece of paper and pour out your Now, and Next and Future goals. Inspire yourself with your fabulous thoughts, dreams and desires. The sky is the limit.

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I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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