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How to do a Monthly Reset to Simplify and Organise Your Life

I’m a great believer in breaking big tasks down into smaller ones. I also understand the importance of being consistent, keeping up with routines and not being afraid to make small changes to our lives that help simplify things even more.

For these reasons, the end of the month OR the beginning of the month (whatever works for you) is a perfect time to evaluate where you are at, identify what’s working (and why) and plan for new things based on lessons and experiences I’ve learnt from the past.

Moving month to month we can see what’s working, and what’s not and track our progress. We can make adjustments where needed, get organised for the month ahead, and simplify the things that sap our time, energy and space.

This allows us to establish a routine so that the more mundane aspects of life run like clockwork whilst we give ourselves the freedom to do more, have fun and live more fully!

If you struggle to be organised, plan ahead or feel stifled by routine, a simple monthly plan to re-set and assess things might be right for you. In today’s post, I share a few things to do at the end of each month to simplify and organise my life.

Declutter my Home

Decluttering my Home is about so much more than clearing my space and getting it tidy. By decluttering regularly, I am aware of what I am using, and not using, what adds value to my life and what doesn’t. Believe it when I say this, every month, I end up donating one bag of things I don’t need and use to the local charity. Just to clarify, I don’t buy anything new unless it’s something I NEED. And when I do buy something, I’ll take out one thing to donate.

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Check my calendar

I am very particular about what I say ‘YES’ to, so unless it’s something I REALLY want to do, it doesn’t make it onto my calendar. I go through my Google Calendar & Trello and make a note of important appointments, activities and special events.

Check-in with my goals

I believe that goals are important in helping us keep focus and direction in life. Having a few intentional goals, which really mean something to me, is vital in making sure I show up for my life and do the best I can.

I also believe that it’s ok to change your goals. What you decide one day may not be right for you in 5 years time and that’s fine. Give yourself freedom and permission to change the direction of your life to where you can make and feel the biggest difference. You’re not the same person you were 5 years ago, so why shouldn’t your goals change too?

Every month, take a moment to assess your goals. Do they still reflect what you want out of life? Or have your circumstances, needs or wants to be changed?

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Check my finances

I use the end of each month to get on top of my finances. I check my income and expenses, match receipts against bank statements, and get rid of any outgoings and subscriptions I am not using. As I don’t have any debt (GRATEFUL) I put extra money aside towards savings.

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Meal plan

I love eating and I love cooking and to make my life easier, I make a plan of what meals and snacks we need for the week ahead. I add the necessary ingredients to my shopping list and go shopping and I then stick to the plan as much as possible (with the odd takeaway or dinner out thrown in).

I plan our meals every week, usually on a Friday, on Saturday I get the groceries from the Farmer’s Market & the local grocery store and on Sunday I spend a couple of hours meal-prepping.

Clean my Home

I’ve got a simple household routine in place that keeps my home tidy and clean but with minimum effort.

  • I keep a list of jobs that need doing but which I sometimes forget
  • I set an alert to change the bedding and towels, wash the windows, mop/wipe/hoover all the floors, and clean the kitchen/bathroom and entranceway (and anything else that needs to be done regularly)
  • I spend the last couple of days of the month giving our home a good, detailed clean and then maybe a regular ‘power hour’ here or there will be sufficient to maintain things until the next month
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Plan my self-care

Looking after myself is one of those things that fall to the bottom of the priority pile unless I make a conscious effort to make time for it. Each month I plan just a few little things that I’m going to do for myself, like:

  • Read a book or two
  • A facial or full-body massage
  • Have a date night with my baby
  • Spend a weekend reflecting & planning

Reflect on the past month

I think reflection should be an integral part of our regular routine. I love to reflect on what’s gone well because it makes me feel uplifted and positive. I also reflect on the things that didn’t go so as well as I planned. It helps me to avoid repeating past mistakes, shift negative thought patterns and behaviours and find ways to improve or change things for next time.

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Assess your wardrobe

I must admit that I’m a big fan of capsule wardrobes. I find it so much easier to have fewer clothes, keeping only the ones that I love to wear, feel comfortable in and that I know to suit my shape and style choice. I can mix and match easily and I seldom have to spend more than a few minutes deciding what to wear.

I take a few moments once a month to go through my wardrobe. I clear the clutter, give it a quick tidy, sort out my seasonal clothes, donate anything that I don’t like and get rid of anything that is damaged beyond repair. This helps me to be mindful when I go shopping, and I invest in pieces made with pure material like 100% cotton, linen, wool etc. according to the season of life I am in; Peri-Menopause – one moment I am cold, the next I have hot flushes!

I hope these suggestions help. If you have any other tips or suggestions please let me know in the comments!


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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