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Self-Love List for Summer

The sundresses are coming out from the closets, warm days and barbecues invitations make life more fun, and ice cream is a daily thing. So you know what that means… Summer is here, so use the next few weeks as a bit of a life reset, investing more time in yourself and your personal development.

#1 Have a spa day

Get yourself ready for the season with a self-care day just for yourself, or invite your friends. A day of mani-pedi, face mask, laughter, and *maybe* even margaritas.

#2 Have a picnic with your closest friends

Summer is the perfect time for getting outdoors and sharing picnics with your loved ones. Think of goodies including afternoon tea favourites such as traditional finger sandwiches, homemade scones and a selection of super sweet treats. And for that added touch, add a bottle of Champagne for a truly spoiling experience.

#3 Bring your favourite dream vacation to life

Greece, Italy, Paris? Put your wanderlust hat on and recreate it at home. Look for typical food, candles with an aroma that can take you to the place, and top it off with local music. 

#4 Adventure yourself with summer baking 

Create your own version of The Great British Bake Off – go over to Pinterest and search “summer baking” to get inspired and get baking! 

#5 Have brunch outside with your favourite people

Brunch is always a good idea – being outdoors, feeling the sun, laughing with your favourite people? Priceless. 

#6 Do a mid-year self-check-in 

Summer also means that we made it to the middle of the year. Take this moment to check in with yourself, how you are doing, and what needs to be adjusted. 

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#7 Journal for self-love in the summer

I always talk about journaling but the reason I do is that it’s so amazing. Taking some time to journal specifically for self-love can be a great way to connect to yourself, take some time to reflect, and improve your thought patterns and behaviours. By writing instead of just thinking to yourself, the connection becomes stronger in your brain and it also allows you to look back and see patterns.

#8 Spend time in nature

Go for a hike, a walk, take a picnic in the park, or even go for a drive.

#9 Try to get some alone time

It is crucial to spend time with yourself doing the things you love.

#10 Do some de-cluttering

Whether it be in your headspace or physically. The act of cleaning produces a sense of clarity.

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