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How can you improve your overall productivity in 2023?

As the year has begun, we can see our daily lives back in full swing. While many have made resolutions, some may be struggling to get work done with the moody blues.  If you’ve crossed the half-month mark without getting much done, don’t beat yourself up about it. This blog will help you become more productive in four steps. Integrate these expert tips into your daily life to see an instant difference!

Create effective systems

What is meant by a system? These are all processes that you create along the way to make life simpler for you. For instance, if you knew a recurring aspect in your life and could create an active mechanism to counter it with 100% accuracy, it becomes a system. The same can be designed for your daily life, whether it means meal prepping, or making sure that your work is complete before the deadline. Creating effective systems is also a good way to ensure personal accountability, and takes excessive thinking out of the picture. It may take you a few tries but it will take away hours of brainstorming away!

Start your day strong

You may have noticed that the way you begin your day sets the tone for the rest of your hours. This is because your mind simply loves to assume the trend in which your day would progress. Start it off right by practising some nourishing habits like meditation, praying, or journaling while sipping on a cup of tea. Once done, you can move to tackle the most challenging parts of your day first. This way, your mind will be in a state to power through and achieve all your goals, every day.

Manage your digital life well

Today, our lives are invariably attached to digital gadgets like smartphones and laptops. However, if you thought about it, these devices are also a virtual extension of our physical lives. They help us get work done and keep the cogs turning. It’s only fair that you make an effort to maintain and look after your digital space for improved productivity. Part of it also involves keeping the software updated. So, if you have a Mac, you’ll need to compare Ventura to Monterey and weigh which update benefits your work better. Next, get rid of any clutter and ensure that your devices are well-protected.


Follow the 80/20 thinking ideal

There’s Pareto’s 80/20 principle that can be applied to almost every situation. You can also use it to make your day and life more productive. For instance, take all your weekly tasks and categorize them based on value, income, expense, and time. The tasks that give you 80 per cent of the benefit in all such categories, you pick first. This also helps in embracing simplicity while expelling complexities.

The 80/20 Rule
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Final Word

In short, productivity can be easily achieved if you’re set to work for it. Showing up consistently and holding yourself responsible for your own progress are a few of the key ingredients to start with. To summarize, your productivity is 80 per cent routine and 20 per cent discipline.

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