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Are you thinking of upgrading your productivity systems?

Productivity isn’t about doing more; it’s about making more use of your time. And to be productive, you need to have a good system in place.

To upgrade your systems, ask: ⁠

  • ⁠What’s annoying about how I capture my ideas, thoughts, notes and tasks?⁠
  • What’s frustrating about organising my ideas, thoughts, notes and tasks?⁠
  • How am I struggling to take action on my ideas, thoughts, notes and tasks?⁠
My Favourite Apps that Supports My Life
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A few little changes that I’ve made have been:⁠

  • Scheduling in restorative rest (the *energy-giving* activities) amongst work and getting things done (the *energy taking* activities) – the keyword here is SCHEDULING. Treating restorative tasks like they are non-negotiables has been game-changing. ⁠
  • Making a point to plan my week ahead with the version of me that I want to embody ( ask: is the best version of yourself always reading a book? going to the markets? how does she make sure she feels cute every day? where does she spend her time?)⁠
  • Creating accountability in my life
  • Accepting that some tasks are going to be “someday” tasks (that to do that’s been on your list for five months isn’t getting done anytime soon – either take action on it or move it to your someday list and let it go)⁠
  • Getting help – hiring has let me move away from tasks I’m not good at/that I don’t enjoy * at all *.⁠
  • Organising my lists a little better – I can filter my lists by urgency, energy and context, helping me to better plan my weeks and get things done.
5 Ways to Reset Your Life
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“When we stop conflating distraction and busywork with productivity and efficiency, we’re able to accomplish something profound and meaningful with our creativity.”

Love People, Use Things
The 80/20 Rule
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10 Habits to Be More Organised & Productive

  1. Give yourself space to get organised
  2. Build a system you can trust
  3. Understand the difference between events vs. tasks
  4. Batch similar tasks together
  5. Batch all your short microtasks together
  6. Do the most important tasks first
  7. Use the Eisenhower matrix
  8. Schedule time to make plans
  9. Process all of your life inboxes regularly
  10. Plan your day the night before

Which of these habits do you already have? Which ones will you start doing today?

Are you thinking of upgrading your productivity systems

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