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The first step in freeing up more time and energy to spend living the life you want is to clear out the time burglars and mental and emotional energy sappers. Take a few moments to think of all of the unwanted commitments, issues, people and unfinished tasks that have been slowing you down (or winding you up!).

Be honest – this is about creating space for you to spend your time – and energy – wisely. Once you have your list, decide whether you can realistically ditch, delegate or do the task. Bear in mind others (family/friends/employers) that may need to be consulted before you ditch or delegate. Please make sure you’re taking whatever action is required to ensure you can ditch or delegate while keeping relationships intact. If you don’t, you risk creating yet more stress!

Now add a date when you’ll deal with each item. Start with the two that have been causing you the most stress then work your way through. Allow yourself enough time to tackle them – don’t let over-eagerness create unrealistic timeframes that will leave you behind and feeling guilty. Finally, find 5 things on your list that you can tackle this week.

I have been putting up with…

Ditch, Delegate or Do?

I’ll deal with it on…

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