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Do you feel out of touch with your emotions?

I’ve been there. I blamed myself and thought that there was something wrong with me. I kept thinking “if only I wore XXXX”, “if I’m confident in doing YYYY”, and “if I was someone else”. I became a perfectionist, an overachiever, and a people pleaser because I felt that whatever I did or said, was not enough. I felt dull and unsatisfied, always chasing for the next qualification, the next destination, the next thing… and one day I realised that I will never be genuinely happy by running away from who I truly am.

I needed to come Home – to Myself!

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It took me years of reflecting, self-discovery, listening to podcasts, watching videos on YouTube, doing courses and more, to reach this point of self ACCEPTANCE.

The truth is;

The answer is within you!

Your life is meant to have a rainbow of emotions. And if you have learnt to suppress these and developed a thick skin, know that it’s possible to unlearn… and peel the layers… so that you can reconnect to your true self.

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