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10 Ways to Love Yourself more

Self-love is something you feel. You know when you are not loving yourself, that you feel drained and tired and out of balance. Also, feelings of anger and frustration are signalling that something is out of balance.

There are many indicators for the need for more self-loving care-taking. Because when we love ourselves, we are capable of truly loving others. We have more responsibility as one person than we think.

Self-love means loving and truly honouring everything that makes us be who we are! It is appreciating all that we have been given, our gifts, our talents, our ideas, our feelings everything that makes us uniquely us.

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Below are 10 ways to add to your Self-Love Practice:

  • Take the pressure and deadlines of your goals. Give yourself space to grow, trusting that the outcome is on its way. Invest in yourself!
  • Say NO to people, opportunities, and invitations that drain your energy. Setting boundaries and sticking up for yourself = self-care.
  • Workout and eat healthy because it makes you feel good, not to get smaller.
  • Read a book for fun or watch your favourite TV show as part of your morning routine.
  • Make a coffee date with someone you’d like to get to know better.
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  • Go through your closet and donate all the clothes that are too tight or make you feel blah, then buy yourself some new stretchy jeans in your “right now” size without judging the number.
  • Go on a date with yourself! A solo expedition to explore something interesting to you.
  • Check out a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try and order what you WANT, not the cheapest or healthiest option on the menu. Save room for dessert 😉
  • Explore a new part of your town or city, alone or with a partner or friend
  • Get cosy! See if you can max out your cosiness level? Take a bath, put on your snuggliest clothes, make cocoa, light candles, snuggle up with a cup of tea/coffee or a glass of wine, keep asking “what would make this situation cosier?” until you disintegrate into a ball of bliss.

10 Ways to Love Yourself more

REMEMBER: No one is perfect, and the sooner you accept yourself for how you are and who you are, the simpler life will be.

It’s OK to know your weaknesses and work on minimizing them.  But it’s not reasonable to expect you’ll ever be perfect.  Instead, accept that you are more than good enough just as you are.

Celebrate your achievements, and congratulate yourself on what you do well.  Spending more time focusing on your strengths will build your confidence and self-worth, which affects pretty much everything else.

What are your self-love & self-care goals? I’d love to hear what you want to create or experience!


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