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Visioning My 2020

My morning ritual tends to be different every day based on how I am feeling and what I need, but more often than not, it includes journaling. I have been drawing on my journal a lot lately as a tool to begin preparing for the new year.

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So, I wanted to share some of my favourite journaling practices that I am currently using:

Visioning & Life-Scripting

I have been visioning my 2020 by journaling out what I desire to create in each area of my life next year. I describe in as much detail as I can what my desires look and feel like and I write it all in the present tense as though it’s already happened. I then close my eyes and visualise living these manifestations and connect with the feeling of having them.

Re-writing my Limiting Beliefs

As I connect with my vision and I notice any limiting beliefs, fear, self-doubt or old inner stories arise, I catch them out and write them down. I then consciously choose some new ways of thinking which are empowering, kind, loving, supportive and will take me where I want to go. I then write these down as new affirmations to practise.

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Clearing & Releasing

One of my big practices at the moment is reflecting on what I am ready to complete and let go of. It may be an old way of doing things, a habit, a situation, a belief, an old cycle, something that makes me feel heavy or anything holding me back. Through writing these out I can clearly see what I need to release and then I sometimes rip up or burn this list as part of the ritual of releasing it.

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Rather than only focusing on what I want in the future, I also use my journal to appreciate what I already have. Sometimes I find I can feel frustrated when what I want isn’t here yet, but when I take time to notice what is already going well and be grateful for what I already have, I suddenly find a new level of contentment with where I am.

Visioning My 2020


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