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6 Tips for Coping with Change

Change Strategies to help you work through the discomfort of change:

  • Acknowledge your emotions. When experiencing change, you may feel a flood of alternating or amorphous emotions. See if you can bring attention to where the emotion registers in your body, as well as any other emotions, memories, or experiences that may feel connected to it.
  • Write it out. Putting words to your experiences can help your brain begin to process them, and also supports you in seeing things with a greater perspective.
  • Remember you’re not alone. Remind yourself that there are countless others who have experienced the exact emotions you’re feeling. Consider those in your support network that you may be able to reach out to and ask for help.
  • Give yourself a break. Allow yourself to pause. Go for a walk, get some sleep, or reflect on what you need in this moment. If there is nothing time sensitive to act on, allow your nervous system to settle and offer your subconscious mind some time to work through your emotions related to the change.
  • Create moments of comfort. Things may be changing, but are there any areas in which you can insert familiarity or comfort? Practice regular grounding and consider how you rely on already-established (healthy) patterns + routines.
  • Seek professional support. Seek professional help if it’s available to you to support you in times of change, transition, confusion, and stress.


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