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What do you need clarity on?

Sometimes I sit at a cafe (or my bed and dining table) journaling for hours. Yes, hours… I used to wonder why people would do that like life is so busy, “I don’t have time for that…” or do I?

One day, after a coaching session with one of my clients, I realised how I’d spend hours upon hours helping others work through their challenges, but never with myself. So I decided to start spending quality time with myself…to gain introspection on my own life… working through my thoughts, my limiting (yes, even us life coaches have got them) and gaining clarity of what I truly, deeply desired in my life… And you know what? I’ve never looked back… Journaling has been and is incredibly therapeutic and it’s always enlightening to see what comes out from this time with me…

What do you need clarity on


I truly believe clarity is the key to everything – it allows us to focus on what truly matters. It inspires us to take action. It creates momentum, excitement and starts a transformation.

I always start by asking, “What do I need clarity on”….and it’s amazing what surfaces up… and how it always leads me back to gratitude.

And then I continue with these questions to go even deeper:

Who am I, truly?

Am I living someone else dreams for myself? Am I living my truest self? What are my principles and what do I stand for? I ask myself these questions on a regular basis, especially when I feel disconnected. I keep my responses at the forefront of my mind. Whenever I’m feeling lost or I’ve allowed someone to make me question my goals, I ask myself these questions to help get me back on my path…the path I know to be my truest self.

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What’s the purpose of my work?

Why am I really, truly, doing what I am doing? I think about what I am most passionate about. What can I be the best in the world at? Having a real passion for what I do, keeps me motivated even when times are tough.

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What are my core values?


Answer the above questions, meditate, and let the universe guide you to where you truly belong. Don’t ignore “coincidental” road signs. If you meditate and tell the universe what you desire in your life, then it will lay out a path in front of you.

Are you ready to gain clarity about what you want for your life? Book your Clarity Session here.

How about you? Do you spend time getting to know yourself through journaling?

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