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What’s Your Vision for Autumn Season?

To my mind, Autumn is all about turning inwards, slowing down, and letting go. To ground, turn inwards, find stillness and clarity. In autumn, we are preparing ourselves to be reborn with the new year. This is a time of turning inward and we begin exploring our “underground”-selves–our dreams and our intuitive powers.

It is the ‘moving inward’ energy of this season that enables us to look at and know ourselves in a more profound way. Autumn energy returns us to our true essence, moves us to eliminate what we no longer need, and enables us to recognise yet again what is the most precious in our lives.

Autumn: cooler, shorter days. A time to harvest all the goodness you created this year. Feast and celebrate your wins. Prune back to what no longer serves you and let it go. Put aside and prepare for winter.”

To embrace the seasonal change, you can ride the slower rhythms and, just like the leaves fall gently to the earth, begin to let go of lifestyle choices and actions that sit better with the brighter days and shorter nights of summertime. This less-is-more approach as you head into the mists and mellow fruitfulness of Autumn will create the space to reflect, to “be” more with yourself, to observe what YOU need to feel good in the darker months

What's Your Vision for Autumn Season

Autumn Journaling Prompts:

  • What do you want to achieve around the house and in the garden this Autumn?
  • Make a list of taste memories from childhood Autumn.
  • What would you do on your ideal Autumn day?
  • Make an Autumn bucket-list
  • Note down as many memories as you can about your childhood Autumns.
  • Describe your Autumn Garden.
  • What does Autumn mean to you?
  • How does your home feel in Autumn-time?
  • Does your heart yearn for any other season in Autumn-time? Can you put it into words?
  • How does Autumn make you feel?
Do you have an experience list
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  • Best way to spend a rainy day?
  • What’s your favourite Kind of weather?
  • Five favourite things about autumn?
  • What fictional world would you pick to live in?
  • Your go-to autumn outfit?
  • What’s your most treasured possession?
  • Favourite autumn scent?
  • What’s the last book you read?
  • What is your favourite colour foliage?
  • Describe your favourite pair of socks.
  • What’s your favourite day of the year?
  • Songs that remind you of autumn?
  • Describe your dream house/room.
  • What’s your drink this autumn?
  • Films to watch during the autumn time?
  • Favourite cosy things?
  • Rank the seasons from best to worst
What will be you doing this Autumn
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Next, you are now about to create a vision for your life for the Autumn season. I’m going to share the process I use with prompts to get you started.

So here we go…

  • What time do you wake up?
  • Who is beside you?
  • What does your home look and feel like?
  • What do you do when you first get up?
  • What does your wardrobe look like; what is it filled with?
  • How will you be spending the weekends?
  • How does your body look and feel? What is your energy like?
  • How do you spend your evenings?
  • How do you spend your leisure time? Who are your friends?
  • What events do you attend?
  • Where do you travel to?
  • Where do you eat out?
  • What are your last thoughts before you go to sleep?

Once you’ve answered all of the questions above, you are going to map out your perfect day. 

  • Begin with your first thoughts upon waking.
  • Continue on with your dream working day.
  • Include personal and lifestyle elements to balance work and lifestyle.
  • Allude to the wealth you will be creating.
  • You MUST feel it, taste it, KNOW it is on the horizon if you do the work.

So let’s go. Start mapping out your PERFECT day.

How would you spend your Ideal Day
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I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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  2. […] RELATED: What’s Your Vision for Autumn Season? […]

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