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Things to do for Your Own Happiness

I am endlessly fascinated by the link between the way we choose to live our lives and the happiness we enjoy on a daily basis. There are choices that you make every day, some of which seem completely unrelated to your happiness, that dramatically impact the way you feel mentally and physically.

I have been working on trying to find the right habits and behaviours that support sustained happiness and below, I share some of the more actionable tips that can be easily worked into your daily routine.

It only takes one person to make you happy and change your life: YOU.

Start steadying yourself with simple rituals

When life feels like an emotional roller coaster, steady yourself with simple rituals. Make the bed. Water the plants. Rinse off your own bowl and spoon. Simplicity attracts calmness and wisdom.

Your Body, Your Soul, Your Rituals
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Start choosing differently, for your own well-being

A big part of your life is a result of the little choices you make every day. If you don’t like some part of your life, it’s time to start tweaking things and making better choices, right now, right where you are.

Start being way more productive than you are busy

There’s a big difference between being busy and being productive. Don’t confuse motion and progress.

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Start dedicating time every day to meaningful activities

What you do everyday matters, but WHY you do what you do matters even more. So quit doing just what you’re able to do; figure out what you were made to do, and then do more of it. And if you only have fifteen minutes a day to spare, no problem – make those fifteen minutes meaningful.

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Start being grateful for the life that is yours

Gratitude is simply the awareness of what’s good. Count your blessings, no matter how small, and start with the breath you’re taking now.

Yearly Gratitude Journal
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Start opening up to new growth opportunities

In almost every situation, a little more willingness to acknowledge that there may be something you do not know could change everything. Go somewhere new, and countless opportunities suddenly appear. Do something differently, and all sorts of great new possibilities spring up. Keep an open mind and have fun with life.

Start focusing only on what you can control

Never force anything. Give it your best shot and then let it be. If it’s meant to be, it will be. Don’t hold yourself down with things you can’t control.

Start embracing the lessons life is teaching you

Everything that happens helps you grow. Sometimes painful experiences teach us priceless life lessons we didn’t think we needed to know. If you’re having problems, that’s good. It means you’re making progress. The only people with no problems are the ones doing nothing.

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I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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