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​What makes You feel Alive in Your Life? Go back to the Heart of it All!

You feel a little lost at times (don’t worry, you’re not alone! I feel lost at times too!) and distracted by all the “noise” online, the comparing and the “rules….” It’s during these times that you can take a breather, take a break and go back to the basics, go back to your “why!” Do you feel ALIVE in your life?

​What makes You feel Alive in Your Life Go back to the Heart of it All!

What do you Love to do?

You bring your own unique set of skills and strengths to the planet, and until you discover and use these amazing abilities you will feel dissatisfied and discontented. If you are struggling to become the person you most want to be, just look deep within yourself to find what really inspires and motivates you. What do you absolutely love to do? What lights you up, what brings you joy, what makes you feel truly alive in your life?

  • Love
  • Joy
  • Abundance
  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Exhilaration
  • Fun
  • Self-care

And so much more!
Whatever that is for you!!!!
Do more of what makes you feel alive!!!!

“Love of Life creates a Loving Life!”

Inspire Yourself – 20 easy ways to feel inspired:

  1. Appreciate someone and tell them how you feel
  2. Do some activities that will calm your mind; yoga, swimming, going for a walk
  3. Follow your inspirational ideas
  4. Stand barefoot on the beach and do deep breathing
  5. Start a conversation with a stranger
  6. Forgive someone
  7. Become absorbed by doing something that you love
  8. Buy some flowers for your desk at work/home office
  9. Make a collage of your favourite photos
  10. Treat yourself to a new novel and curl up and read it…bliss!
  11. Take the longer view and reflect upon who you are becoming rather than what you are doing
  12. Perform an act of kindness (and keep it to yourself)
  13. Make something (anything) and get your creative juices flowing
  14. Become aware of your hunches and gut feelings; are they trying to tell you something?
  15. Listen to your favourite music (and do nothing else)
  16. When in doubt, ask yourself what your heart feels
  17. Give something to someone
  18. Spend time having fun with a small child
  19. Write a letter to someone you love – or even to your Future Self as I do
  20. Pretend this is your last day on earth, make the most of it
What is your life vision
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Remember: You are in Charge!

Your life doesn’t have to be a chaotic muddle from the moment you wake up to the moment you collapse into bed. You don’t have to run an obstacle race every day; you can take charge.

And this doesn’t mean sticking to rigid rules and time schedules and turning your life into a military manoeuvre. You can relax and take control!

  • Check your Life Areas: {1} Health & overall Well-being {2} Personality, Self-image & Character {3} Relationship & Connections {4} Career / Business & Finances {5} Quality of Life
  • Are any of them out of balance?
  • Decide what needs changing and change it.
The Circle of Life
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“Make your life work for you and you will feel in control.”


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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