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Do you have a great life but still feel that something is missing?

I remember walking through my beautiful apartment 3 years ago and thinking “Is this all there is?”

I immediately scolded myself for feeling discontented. I had a beautiful, smart & kind daughter, a safe, beautiful and comfortable home, and my own business – what was my problem and why were the simplest everyday tasks overwhelming me, while grief and guilt consumed me. Constantly wondering would I ever truly feel settled and happy.

A still, small voice inside continued to whisper, “Yes, there is more.”

Why wasn’t it enough?

I was constantly “doing” as I searched for my internal happiness. This overdoing led to overwhelming, stress and health issues.

In the coming weeks, months, and years I embarked on my healing journey – supporting myself as I peeled back all the layers, beliefs, stories and thoughts.

I knew how easy it was to trick myself, minimise my desires and mask up the pain as I got into overdoing… and I knew that that way of living wasn’t going to create a life I loved, desired and deserved.

Can you relate? Have you been staying at that dead-end job, putting everyone else’s needs first, all while lacking purpose & meaning in your life – knowing there must be something more…

And don’t worry, “the more” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ditch all you have… ”the more” can simply mean you can start with getting in tune with who you are as you connect with your inner compass – and you can do this right now, by getting still and placing your hand on your heart.

WHY the heart you may ask – our heart is the truest, most authentic part of who we are. It speaks our truth. It is the centre of our feelings – the voice of our soul.

As you listen to your heart you will become more attuned to your own life, your own desires.

Tuning into My True Desires
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Ask yourself, what does my soul desire today? See what surfaces up.

Trust what you hear, and then you will know how to live… If you trust what you hear, but you feel stuck as to how to figure it out, reach out, I’d love to support you as you walk out a life filled with health, happiness, joy & ease… It’s all possible, and it starts with your hand on your heart ❤


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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