Releasing and letting go

Kiran Singh

For most of 2019, I had a strong feeling to clean, clear out, release, let go, make space, and lighten. I felt this flowing across all areas of my life, and also within myself. I cleaned out my home, rearranged furniture, deleted old files off my computer, tablet and phone and I threw out clothes that no longer felt like me.

Releasing and letting go

I have been feeling my body wake up from its winter slumber, and begin to crave more movement, lighter foods, and social connection. I have been looking at my business for ways to simplify, streamline, systemise and upgrade.

I have been reviewing my relationships to feel for which ones I cherish, and which ones no longer feel that they are part of my journey forward.

And I have been up levelling my mindset, by examining and re-writing my inner stories about money, love, relationships, health, success, business, and my worth.

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There have been big AHA moments, huge realisations and a lot of emotion to process:

  • I was able to see ‘what is not working’ with confronting clarity. And at times this felt difficult to see.
  • I noticed myself get caught in judgment and criticism of my old ways, and I wondered why I hadn’t made these changes sooner.
  • I was able to shift into a place of immense gratitude that I could finally see the truth. Things are always revealed at the exact right time.
  • I reminded myself that awareness is empowering. Because now I can get to work creating some new and exciting changes.

As we’re almost halfway through the year, what are you ready to release and let go of?

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