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Carve out ‘Me-time’

Today, carve out some time for yourself. Spend some moments in silence reflecting on your life. Journal to listen to your heart or read a book that will lift your spirit. Go for a walk; bake or cook a nourishing meal; and watch a movie that will make you laugh.

Carve out 'Me-time'

Pull out some of your favourite music and I’m sure you’ve heard this before…stop and smell the roses. Decide to be a little kid today. Go on the beach and pick up shells. Sometimes we get so caught up in the rat race trying to survive that we forget to do things to nourish our spirit. We forget to go to our centre.

Live a Life You Love
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The bills will be there, the kids will still need prayer. there will be problems on the job and challenges in your life. Still, life holds many wonderful things as well. Look for them and enjoy them as much as you can. These things won’t solve your problems, but they will help to recharge your batteries. Do this so that you will be able to fight longer and stronger with renewed strength. Choose to live more deeply. Your life and those around you will be better off for it.


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