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Let’s talk about the awkward in-between

You know, that place that so many of you get stuck.

That place between dreaming up your most extraordinary life vision, setting your goals and doing all the action but still not creating the results you desire.

Here’s the thing. It happens because you haven’t yet stepped into the woman you need to become to achieve your extraordinary goals.

The Woman I Want to Be

And I’m not talking about her skills, her habits, her confidence or knowing her how. These things absolutely come through doing over time.

What I’m really talking about is her mindsethow she thinks and feels.

It’s about imagining that version of you who has achieved her goals and asking, how is she thinking and what is she feeling?

And it’s about deciding with the intention to think and feel how she does RIGHT NOW in this moment with what you have, from where you are.

The way we feel in every moment is creating our entire life, it’s shaping our reality in each and every moment.

The great news is we can tap into whatever thoughts and feelings we like, even those that the next best version of us is feeling.

We can think and feel the way she does right now.

And when we think and feel like her alongside taking all that massive action, that’s when we become an energetic match for our goals – and this is when those goals will start to manifest in our life.

Thinking and feeling on purpose is THE fastest way to move from that awkward in-between phase to living the life you truly desire.

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