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Inspire Yourself to a Wealthy Future

A fantastic question to ask yourself is: “How would I imagine myself living if money was no object?” If you could dream up your future with a million dollars in the bank, how would you spend your time, and what kinds of things would you have around you? And then ask yourself, how can I bring those things into my life right now? Drawing towards you all the ways you will be when you have more money is very powerful. You are living as if you are that person now, and this can make things change rapidly. When I wrote down all the details that would make me feel like I was living a life of privilege, I realised that almost all of the things on my list I could start doing straight away – so I did. What a revelation that was.

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I also wrote out what my first-class life would look like. It’s not fancy and jet-set, but it sounds perfect to me. That’s what I had to figure out too – I used to think that an expensive life meant fancy restaurant meals and dry-clean-only clothes, but for me, my five-star life includes an abundance of space and freedom instead. That sounds blissful. Here’s my ideal rich life:

  • Live a Slow, Simple & Intentional Life
  • Do what I LOVE while making an impact and changing lives
  • Morning & Evening Rituals
  • Gardening and pottering for pleasure
  • Creating my bespoke capsule wardrobe
  • Deep breathing, stretches and relaxation
  • Travel to a new country every two months
  • Fresh-cut flowers
  • A beautifully furnished, high-quality home
  • A rescue pug who lives a wonderful life with us
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The crazy thing is a lot of these things I have right now. How fascinating is that? I am living a rich life already, and by doing more of the things I love, I can feel even richer (in all senses of the word) and more fulfilled.

What this mindset gives me permission to do, is to be myself. It’s okay if I have no desire for a fancy car and am content with having none. It’s okay if I am a casual dresser who has very few formal outfits in her closet. It is so refreshing to know that I can be exactly as I am and wealthy too one day – no airs or graces necessary.

What does your ideal rich life look like?

Inspire Yourself to a Wealthy Future


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