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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

When we feel like we are not moving forward in life what’s really happening is we are stuck in a continuous cycle of repetitive choices and habits, and we are stuck there because it’s comfortable.

Our comfort zone is like a safe harbour where the brain becomes accustomed to a certain way of thinking, feeling, being and doing – even if that way of thinking, feeling, being and doing is detrimental to our well-being or our progress in creating the life we desire.

The brain’s job is to find certainty and maintain harmony and order. In fact, it prides itself on doing this with maximum efficiency. So even when you feel completely out of control, if your brain has determined this is your normal state, it is actually quite dedicated to maintaining it.

When we make a change in our choices or habits our brain is at complete odds with this new way of thinking, feeling, being or doing. The discomfort we feel is simply our brain trying to bring us back to the safe harbour where it knows how to efficiently maintain order.

But if we continue to allow ourselves to give in to our brain and the discomfort, we limit our ability to experience the richness in life we desire.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

~ Neale Donald Walsh

The point he highlights is that if we seek to create the finest version of our life and ourselves, we must step outside our comfort zone.

Moving beyond your comfort zone will require that you commit to taking bold risks, confront your fears and welcome discomfort into your life.

I’m always so excited when discomfort shows up at my door because I know in that moment if I allow discomfort to enter and I walk alongside it with my fearless, something most fabulous is waiting on the other side of the room.


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