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How to plan a really good day

A ritual I like to do every once in a while is a ~ ‘Favourite Things Day‘ ~. A day filled with all of your favourite things. ⁠

Your favourite things are usually more simple than you think. For me, they’re things like: ⁠

  • Having a fancy coffee in bed while listening to a good podcast⁠
  • Going on a long walk in nature⁠
  • Reading a book at the park⁠
  • Watching a sunset⁠
  • Going to my favourite bakery ⁠

Here’s how to plan your ‘Favourite Things Day’:⁠

  • List out your values (Google “values list” if you have no idea what they are)
  • List out what you can do that aligns with your values (e.g. If you value connection, plan a picnic with friends. If you value growth, make time to read a non-fiction book)⁠
  • Open up your calendar and time block an entire day filled with activities that align with your values alongside any other little activities that make you happy (OR, if you value freedom – don’t schedule your day at all, just write a list of your favourite things and pick things at random from the list according to how you feel in that moment on your favourite things ‘Favourite Things Day’)
Plan a ‘Favourite Things Day’
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