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Embracing a Slow Living Lifestyle

Your Morning Cup

The first way to start inviting slow living into your life is to start with the small things – something as simple as a peaceful and quiet morning with a cosy morning drink.

I know it sounds simple, but it’s a good way to teach our brains to focus only on what we are doing in the present moment and help us realise it’s okay to enjoy our leisure moments peacefully. It can also highlight the joys of the little things in everyday life to be grateful for.

The Importance of a Morning Ritual
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Make time every day for the things you love

Another way to welcome this lifestyle is to start making more time for the things you love. We can all be guilty of pushing off hobbies or rushing through in order to keep up with daily tasks.

Try dedicating some ‘you’ time in your day-to-day schedule from now on and prioritise yourself. Get up a little bit earlier and take some time to journal, garden and arrange flowers or work on creating something that brings you joy.

Taking time to Enjoy Life
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Spend Time out in Nature

A great way to start embracing slower living is to spend some time with nature each day. Whether that is going on a walk, sitting outside with a cup of tea, or indulging in the warmth of the sun through an open window, nature has a beautiful way of slowing us down.


It is no secret that meditation is a go-to when it comes to quieting your mind and finding inner peace. And it is also another way to embrace slower living. You don’t need to dedicate an hour or 30 minutes to meditation every day for it to be effective. Just setting aside 1 minute a day to do some deep breathing exercises is a perfect place to start.

Creating your own Meditation Practice at Home
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5. Balance

Taking some time to unplug each day and focus on life and the people happening around you now and being more present helps to bring that back into balance.

Get your work done, stay in contact with faraway friends and family, find inspiration, etc. and enjoy all of that.

A slower way of life may seem to sound so simple and well, slow, at first, but it actually can bring much more to our lives. It encourages us to start putting in the effort to seize and embrace the moment, enjoy some quiet and reflective time and prioritise ourselves and be more present each day.



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