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21 Ways to achieve Wealth & Success

Everyone wants to achieve Wealth & Success in their lives but doesn’t know how to define it, so my question for you is; What does Success Mean to You? How do you define wealth and success? What do you associate with it?

“Success to me is abundance in every aspect of my life. It’s about discovering and living the authentic me. It’s about being in a position to encourage, help, support and guide fellow mums to honour their inner strength and celebrate their unique, personal path through life.”

Everyone has a different view; For some, it’s to have a great career, for some it’s having a big mansion, expensive cars and designer clothes, for some it’s having financial freedom and for some, it’s simply being surrounded by loving family and friends.

Below I share my top 21 ways to achieve Wealth & Success:

  1. Set good daily habits
  2. Regularly create goals
  3. Engage in self-improvement daily
  4. Regularly take care of personal health
  5. Make time for relationship building
  6. Do things in moderation
  7. Get things done
  8. Keep a positive outlook
  9. Regularly saving money
  10. Reject self-limiting thoughts
  11. Live within means
  12. Read daily
  13. Limit TV watching
  14. Do more than what’s required
  15. Talk less and listen more
  16. Not give up
  17. Spend time with like-minded ones
  18. Find a mentor
  19. Know your ‘why’
  20. Not giving fear the upper hand
  21. Upgrade skills


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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