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13 ways to Live a Well-Designed Life

One of the most exquisite pleasures in my experience has always been having time at home without a to-do list. To enjoy the sanctuary that comforts me, rejuvenates me and allows me to dream so that when I do step outside into the world I can do, seek and produce, is one of the things I most treasure about Living a Well-Designed Life; Consciously, Intentionally & Wholeheartedly.

11 ways to Live a Well-Designed Life

1. Cook at home & eat real food

Find simple, yet delicious recipes and discover the pleasures of cooking on your own schedule for your own dietary needs and preferences. Full of favour that will satiate, real food is a choice your body will thank you for. Returning home after a long day knowing the food you will be incorporating into your meal will be satisfying and nutritious will remove guilt and properly fuel your body for whatever it may be asked to do next.

The very basic of self-care
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2. Indulge in Café time

Once or twice a week (depending upon your schedule and enjoyment), go to your favourite local café for some reading time, moseying through magazine time, or chats with friends. Indulge in one of the patisseries delicious sweet treats and lose track of time.

3. Wear luxurious lingerie every day

Lingerie is a necessity for the woman who wears it, not for those who might see her in it. Why? Because simply knowing we are wearing beautiful, comfortable, luxurious lingerie feels good. And everything begins with our thoughts. If we feel good, we smile more readily, we are more open to new experiences and our attitude is lifted.

4. Cultivate a capsule wardrobe for each season

Knowing you have in your closet clothes that will make you look and feel your best is a very powerful tool to possess as you begin your day. While this takes time and never really ends due to lives and bodies changing, it is worth our attention.

Cultivating a Capsule Wardrobe
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5. Follow your own schedule

Perhaps it’s Friday or even Saturday night, everyone must be out doing something, staying up late, right? Wrong. Your daily schedule is one that works for you and those you spend your time with. Perhaps you prefer Wednesday evenings out because Thursdays are lighter days at work and you enjoy spending your weekends waking up early and getting things done. Whatever schedule works for your goals, intentions, health, family, etc – adhere to it and don’t apologise. After all, our lives needs and desires change, listen to what is nudging you, call your name and that is where you will find the unexpected beauty.

Simplifying Your Schedule
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6. Discover a personal scent

Similar to knowing you are wearing luxurious lingerie is the choice of scent you layer upon your skin before stepping out the door for work or for play. A luxurious decision and investment, but one that will reveal your attention to detail.

7. Invest in quality skincare products

You might remember one of my blog posts on how to create glowing skin and the importance of investing in quality skincare products.

8. Design a workout regimen to look forward to

Whether you enjoy exercising outdoors in Mother Nature or attending classes led by instructors that inspire you and classmates that boost your mood, explore your interests and community to see what is available and what captures your needs and proclivities.

9. Create an evening routine to look forward to

At the end of the day, your body and mind may be entirely taxed which is why making time (even 15 minutes) for unwinding with a favourite pastime is crucial. Being able to look forward to this simple routine can be the silver lining no matter what your day has unearthed.

The importance of an evening routine
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10. Schedule regular spa appointments for beauty and health maintenance

Much like exercise, caring for our bodies is a means to caring for our health, overall beauty and mind. So be sure to schedule your facial, massage, hair cut/colour, waxing and any other must-do’s before you walk out the door from your last appointment. They can often be the respite in a busy week and will no doubt leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Make time and take time for Self-Care
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11. Fill your home with inspired music

From leisurely jazz tunes when you return from work and wish to read the daily news to beautiful Bach in the morning as you get ready for work, set up your music station, turn off the television and forget about time, even if for a moment.

Creating a Soulful Home
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Cultivate an everyday life that perhaps no one would believe is possible, but rest assured it is. After all, as Annie Dillard reminds us, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Why not spend your life living well each and every day?

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12. Let go of busy

A powerful decision that will change your day-to-day living drastically for the better. As I learnt the hard way; busy doesn’t mean better or more productive, it simply reveals a life that perhaps could be managed better. After all, living well means living a life of quality that focuses on what is necessary and lets go of what’s not.

Stepping away from the busyness
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13. Follow a Morning Routine

I LOVE morning routines. I’ve found that when I stick to a solid morning routine, I am able to be more productive for longer periods of time and accomplish a ton before the day has even started.

And your routine doesn’t have to be long either. A lot of successful people have found value in taking 5-10 minutes each morning to plan out their day.

The Importance of a Morning Ritual
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