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Welcome Spring Season

Who doesn’t love springtime? Springtime is a time of renewal; a good time to form a new outlook on the world. Lighter evenings, blossom on the trees and warmer days are well on their way. Sunday the 20th is the spring equinox, signalling the end of winter and the beginning of this (hopefully) sunny season, that being said; I am so ready and excited to welcome the new season!

“Say Goodbye to Winter and so long to snow. It’s time to Welcome Spring and watch the flowers grow! May your Spring season be filled with God’s glorious graces and richest blessings.”

Make springtime the best season with some of these helpful tips… here are 5 ways to welcome spring!

Welcome Spring Season

Spring Clean your Home

Spring Cleaning Your Home
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It’s time to give your beloved home some much-needed TLC! After months shrouded in the darkness of winter, the vibrant sunshine of spring emerges and reveals all the nooks and corners that have been forgotten during hibernation.

Spring isn’t just about giving the house a good clean from top to bottom, but about waking it up and bringing it back to life when it can feel overwhelmed with clutter and stuff!

By bringing light and space back into your home and harnessing the beauty of colour, your home will not only feel rejuvenated but your own mind will too and make your house feel like a home once again.

Spring Clean your Mind

Renew your mind. If the first part of the year has been less than stellar, make spring a new beginning. Make your New Year’s resolutions come true. Don’t hold back, accomplish whatever you need to in order to feel good about yourself.

How to Spring Clean Your Thoughts
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Grow your own

Nothing is quite as rejuvenating as planting and watching flowers and other plants grow. Springtime is the perfect time to plant seeds or young plants in the yard. The satisfaction and joy of watching your plants grow and flower cannot be duplicated.

Spring Season Produce
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Food & Nutrition

Celebrate spring by utilising fresh produce and fruit at the market. A luscious fresh fruit salad is hard to beat. Spring means that many food items are in the stores after the winter hiatus.

Eat like you LOVE yourself
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Spend time outdoors

Nature – a little sunshine, hearing some birds chirp, even just listening to the rain – recharges. Try and spend a little time in your outdoor area (perhaps reading that book), even just tending to some plants, to be sure you’re relaxed.


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