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We are all here on earth to create & live a life we love!

Yet then why are there so many people struggling and filled with pain, anger and frustration?

I see two main reasons:

  1. Our inner obstacles, wounds & trauma that have never been healed create dysregulated emotions & behaviours which ultimately become our autopilot which runs the show. If you’re being triggered often & you have a difficult time expressing yourself, it’s usually a good indication that healing & support are needed.
  2. We have the hierarchy of life mixed up – we put other people’s needs above our own. If you think filling up your cup first is selfish and you feel the need to always attend to others first, this too is a good indication that deeper healing and support will allow you to access more of who you are.

Maybe it’s time to make yourself the priority so you can create more space in your life for more of what you desire?

If not now, when?

Be on your own ‘to do’ list
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I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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