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The Power of One

Although it might not always feel like it, the life of your dreams is closer than you think. You are one thought, one action, one decision, and one moment away from the life you have envisioned (or are beginning to envision) for yourself.

The Power One invites you to do one thing daily to push the needle forward toward the life you would love to live on a daily basis… and it doesn’t have to be something big. This is about creating momentum.

The Power of One looks like choosing just one supportive thought, action, or decision daily that’s aligned with your overarching vision.

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Here’s how the Power of One might look in your daily life:

  • You have a burst of inspiration for a goal you would like to achieve and then suddenly fear takes over saying it’s not possible. The Power of One would mean thinking, or even journaling just one thought that is more supportive and conducive to the life you really want to live.
  • Maybe something you would like to achieve in your daily life is to carve out space to move your body during a busy day. Rather than overloading yourself, the Power of One would look like just one burst of loving movement whether that’s for five minutes, ten minutes, or fifteen to begin building that habit.
  • Or maybe you want to open yourself up to love again. The Power of One would look like taking one small action to step closer to that vision, such as asking friends to set up a blind date, or even taking yourself out on a date somewhere you love.
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The Power of One is a small practice that has the huge power to speed up the time it takes for you to live out the vision you created by breaking the big future goal down into tangible, aligned action steps.

It might sound simple, but as you show up for yourself in these small moments, you are signalling to the reticular activating system in your brain AND your nervous system that you’re creating a new pattern of belief. This allows the brain to subconsciously seek out solutions from your external environment that will help you bring your vision to life faster, and with more ease.

Achieving the life of your dreams really can be as simple as the action you take in one moment. Imagine That.

Practice the Power of One throughout your day-to-day and wait to see how fast your life will transform before your eyes. 

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