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5 ways to Create a Lush Everyday Life

One of the most exquisite pleasures is having time at home without a to-do list. To enjoy the sanctuary that comforts me rejuvenates me and allows me to dream so that when I do step outside into the world I can do, seek and produce.

5 ways to Create a Lush Everyday Life

1. Cook at home

Find simple, yet delicious recipes and discover the pleasures of cooking on your own schedule for your own dietary needs and preferences.

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2. Indulge in Café time

Once or twice (or even three times a week depending upon your schedule and enjoyment, select a favourite local café and stop in for some reading time, journaling, or chat with friends. Indulge in one of the delicious sweet treats and lose track of time.

Make time and take time for Self-Care
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3. Let go of busy

A powerful decision that will change your day-to-day living drastically for the better. As I learnt the hard way; busy doesn’t mean better or more productive, it simply reveals a life that perhaps could be managed better. After all, living well means living a life of quality that focuses on what is necessary and lets go of what’s not.

Stepping away from the busyness
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4. Follow Your Own Schedule

Your daily schedule is one that works for you and those you spend your time with. Whatever schedule works for your goals, intentions, health, family, etc – adhere to it and don’t apologise. After all, our lives need and desires change, listen to what is nudging you and calling your name.

Simplifying Your Schedule
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5. Create an Evening Ritual

At the end of the day, your body and mind may be entirely taxed which is why making time (even 15 minutes) for unwinding with a favourite pastime is crucial – mine is going for a walk with a cup of herbal tea #PureBliss! Being able to look forward to this simple evening ritual can be the silver lining no matter what your day has unearthed.

The importance of an evening routine
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