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How I radically simplified my life in the last 18 months

If you’ve been following me, you’ll probably know, how over the last 18 months, I’ve simplified every area of my life; Home, gadgets and the cloud, businesses and business systems, I’ve simplified my finances by decreasing the monthly outgoings and increasing my monthly savings and so much more. My simplifying game has been strong if I can say so myself – this practice of simplifying has consumed me in the best way possible.

How I radically simplified my life in the last year and a half


I’ve let go of more than half of my material things. Sold it, gave it, recycled it, and donated it. I let go of things I’d actually cherished, but I knew I were not going to use, like my Mum’s sarees that were as old as I am. Out of the 10 sarees, I kept one for myself (the one I remember Mum wearing a lot when I was a child) and one for my sister-in-law.

Facebook Marketplace & local Charity shops have been my best friends during the last 18 months; I have given away, donated and sold EVERYTHING that was excessive, I didn’t use, didn’t need and so on – and it has been freeing.

Khushi & I downsized from a 2-bed apartment on the ground floor with two bathrooms, a built-in hallway closet and a garden into a 2-bed apartment on the 3rd floor with one bathroom and no extra storage last year April. Before moving, I gave away at least 40% of our all belongings, the first couple of weeks after moving, gave away at least 20% more and since then up until now, about 50% of what I had left.

Believe me when I say this; we still have stuff, but it has and still is, in the process of narrowing down to the essentials; what we need, what we use, what we love and what brings us joy – this means that I’ve kept all the best stuff for daily use and not for that one special day or a gathering etc.

Maya Angelou Quote

Every day is special – and should be lived and celebrated that way. Those beautiful wine glasses, that expensive Wedgwood dinner set, the Egyptian cotton bedding and towels, that designer perfume – USE IT!

This being said, I don’t buy as nearly as much as I used to do a couple of years ago, but when and if I do bring in something new, I remove something old from my closet or space.

I had over 600 books, my little library was my pride – the only thing was, I never actually read the books, I just liked having them. This all changed before we moved; I sold them all, the ones I really loved (and read), and I bought them on Kindle.


This (below) is it! I only own what I ACTUALLY USE on a regular basis; from make-up, skincare, jewellery, hair care, perfume & body mist, nail polish & nail care etc. – only one on each.


I didn’t stop with the decluttering and simplifying with my home, I went on to the same for businesses and business systems, I even closed down a business and cancelled a domain I owned as I couldn’t resonate with them anymore. I used to have 6 websites with 6 email accounts, 6 MailChimp accounts, 2-3 social media channels for each of the 6 websites, 2 cloud storage and the list goes on. I’ve now got 3 websites, 1 email, 1 MailChimp account, 1 main cloud storage, and 4 social media channels altogether. Like Marie Forleo say; “Simplify to Amplify“!


I’ve worked on strengthening the relationships that matter and are important to me, and slowly cut down contact with people that drain me.

With all of this simplifying and cleansing, I feel an Inner Peace is starting to reveal itself.



I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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