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Simple Daily Changes to Become Your Best Future Self

What has to happen for you to become the version of yourself you truly want to be? The thought of from where you are to where you want to be can be so overwhelming. 

But what if it didn’t have to be? What if there were things you could focus on that would decrease the overwhelm and bring it back to a simple daily practice that will help you become that woman?

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom.

Anaïs Nin

I’ve always been a woman with bold dreams but somewhere along life’s journey, I lost the clarity, courage and confidence to pursue them. My life had become stuck in what felt like no man’s land. I was completely underwhelmed by my life but felt overwhelmed trying to change it. I felt disappointed, dissatisfied, disillusioned and discouraged. I was living my life on an auto-pilot. Little by little, year by year, I played life smaller. I expected less and less turned up and because less turned up I convinced myself that I was a failure. Surely this isn’t all there is to life right? I mean right?!?!

Eventually, the morning came when I looked into the eyes of the woman I had become and I could no longer recognise that ambitious, passionate version of myself who dreamed of endless possibilities. I realised I felt hopeless. Like I had hit rock bottom. Yet somewhere inside a voice whispered – this will never do, put your big girl pants on and let’s get to work – and get to work I did.

I asked myself, what did I do in all those years my life was extraordinary that I stopped doing? The answer was simple, I stopped working on myself. I stopped learning, growing and working on improving myself and my mindset. I had gotten stuck in a rut.

Please let My Story Inspire Yours

But I discovered that being stuck is a decision and that I had the power to get unstuck any time I chose to. And you have that power too.

You have the power to change your story right now in this moment, just like I did. It starts with a decision.

  • The decision to let go of being stuck.
  • The decision to get clear on who you want to be and how you want to live your life.
  • The decision to give yourself permission to be that woman and live that life.
  • The decision to no longer tolerate anything less.
  • You have the power to get unstuck inside you right now.
  • You just need to decide.
The Woman I Want to Be

By getting clear on your goals and your vision of your future self:

  • who she is
  • what she thinks
  • how she feels
  • how she lives

– you can begin to understand the thoughts and habits that are holding you back and make a daily action plan that will help change them. It’s these tiny daily changes that rewire your brain and over time, they will completely transform your life.

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By focusing on your future and making small changes each day in the present to align yourself with who you want to be, you will start to create your future instead of constantly recreating your past. 

For things to change you’ve got to change. Otherwise, nothing much will change.

~ Jim Rohn

Each and every day you have the opportunity to become a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday by practising just one small change in habit. One small change in habit that aligns you with the woman you want to become.

The Woman I Want to Be
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But here’s the thing, you need to become a woman who falls in love with the practice more than the end result. Every day, wake up and think about practising being the woman you want to be today. Just today.

So get clear on your goals and who your future self is, identify the thoughts and habits that are keeping you stuck, and make a plan to change just one small habit each and every day.

And if you are committed to living an intentional life, finding your fearless, and in your own becoming, I invite you to head over to Work With Me to learn more about how we can work together to discover the best version of you.

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