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My top tips for Introducing Wellness into Your Life

Constantly doing & running on empty? Prioritising your well-being isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a necessity.

  • START SMALL: Block out 10 minutes a day when you do something that is purely for the sake of being. It can be anything from breathing [try them in for 3 seconds, hold for 4 and out for 5 seconds], going for a walk or doing something you love just for the pure sake of the enjoyment of it. RELATED: Daily Meaningful Mindfulness Routine
  • DO NOT MULTI-TASK: When you need to be sending emails then be present with that, when you are with your kids & friends focus on them. Do what it takes to make sure that you do one thing at a time. Check out this video where I talk about multi-tasking.
  • TREAT CHALLENGE: It takes 21 days to change a habit so try 21 days where you have to give yourself something that brings you joy [not necessarily material] but it could be a magazine, flowers, or time with a coffee. Anything that starts with “I really shouldn’t but…” It’s going to get your mind to start prioritising you and not everyone else. RELATED: A Year of 30-Day Challenges
  • CHECK IN EVERY DAY: Ask yourself daily, what do I need today? How do I feel in my body? What am I lacking? A big help is to think about what you feel you are most lacking from everyone else. That is usually a real indication of what you most need to give yourself. RELATED: Check-in with yourself daily
  • LOOK AT YOURSELF HOLISTICALLY: How do you eat? Do you exercise? Do you relax? Is there balance in these areas? Can you make time to work on all these areas? RELATED: 8 Ways you can Start Living a Holistic Lifestyle
  • GET SUPPORT: Find yourself a coach, a nutritionist, a yoga teacher, a CBT specialist – whatever you need. Having someone on hand to support you without judgment is fundamental to getting long-lasting changes. RELATED: 8 Ways to Cultivate Positive Relationships
  • PRIORITISE YOU: Realise that by putting yourself first, everyone else benefits. No one wins when you are burned out, frazzled & grumpy. When you feel yourself going into that frenetic pace do what you need to get yourself out of it – a long walk, coffee on your own, deep breaths, being in nature. RELATED: Make your personal wellbeing your first priority
  • MAKE IT PART OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE: The best thing you can do is to introduce self-care habits into your life [whether through morning or evening routines] so that it comes as routine as brushing your teeth. Put a reminder somewhere to do this for 21 days & you will see huge differences in yourself, your enjoyment of life & your relationships around you. RELATED: PODCAST: 7 Steps to Creating a Meaningful Daily Routine


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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