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Turning Inward During Winter

Winter allows us to feed the flame in our own centres by reading or researching to nourish our dreams and plans for the future.

Turning Inward During Winter

In the depths of winter, we can forget that bare trees will once again be full with foliage, and grass and flowers hidden beneath a blanket of white or a deceptive covering of hardened earth will burst forth once again. While they slumber, nature is continuing its work at the centre of each living thing. We can think of our blankets and warm clothes as similar protection – like the cocoon that surrounds a changing caterpillar – while we undergo our own inner transformational work. In the meantime, the lights that twinkle and the fires that warm us can serve to remind us of the flame of life that burns within us.

Returning Home to Myself
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In order to stoke our inner flame, we can use the time indoors to focus our attention on our homes and families. We can become distracted by the world outside and forget that we need to nourish the lights that warm our hearts. Interacting at a soul level can be done by sharing stories from our hearts, doing projects together, dancing, or playing games. Devoting energy this way helps us build a stronger bond that will sustain us once the world allows us each to pursue our individual goals again.

Stepping away from the busyness
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Winter allows us to feed the flame in our own centres by reading or researching to nourish our dreams and plans for the future. This can mean catching up on all the quieter things we wanted to do but didn’t have time for, like reading books, watching movies, or listening to music. We may have set aside creative pursuits such as painting or writing that can be brought back to the centre burner now. It is also a great time to do some journaling to look back on the year that has passed and perhaps the years before this one in preparation for forwarding motion in the coming year. Nature’s wisdom offers us opportunities to nourish our inner seeds of hope in preparation for our future, so let us enjoy the inner warmth and be grateful for it all.

Self-Love List for Winter
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  2. […] RELATED: Turning Inward During Winter […]

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