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My intentions for the rest of the Summer

We’re almost halfway through the Summer and I decided to spend this morning journaling my intentions for the rest of this beautiful season. The last 4-5 months have been pretty busy, to say the least, and now my body, nervous system and inner self are asking me to slow down. I am being shown that I need to come deeper into a space of feeling, being and presence, rather than thinking, planning and action.

So the rest of the Summer season, I will be focusing on:

  • Creating more space, doing less, taking things off my plate, and making more room so I feel less rushed and under pressure.
  • More lightness (less seriousness), play, laughter, love, adventure, connection, intimacy and creativity.
  • Cleaning up energy leaks, identifying what feels draining or depleting, and letting it go so I can put energy into what uplifts and expands me.
  • Shifting my priorities back onto self-care, rest, replenishment and nourishment and away from so much doing and outputting.
  • I no longer override my inner guidance by saying Yes to things when I truly want to No.

For me,  it’s not just about bringing on new practices and rituals but also taking an honest look at what I need to let go of. I’ve spent the last 6+ months letting go of a huge amount of materialistic possessions, clearing out my digital space and more – BASICALLY, simplifying my overall life. Now, as I have finally managed to settle into our new home, it’s time to slow down, rest, tune inwards and simply be.

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The truth of the matter is; that letting go of what is weighing us down and making more space for what nourishes us, fulfils us and lights us up because realistically; we all get swept up in external demands, to do’s and obligations. We all get pulled outwards by other people’s wants, opinions and expectations. So it is important that we consciously show up for the work to plug back into ourselves whenever we can.

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What are your intentions for the rest of the Summer?

I’ll be spending most of the month of August in Norway visiting family.


I am Kiran and I'm a Lifestyle Coach, Podcast Host, Vegetarian Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner, Author and an Interior Designer.

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